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About Us

Founded in 2016, Effortless Audio is a LoFi/Jazz music label with the clear goal to bring some simplicity to the oftentimes overly difficult music industry.

Our team, mainly consisting of artists who know both sides of the music world, has set the intention to establish a label that gives independent artists a stage to gift their music to the world, without the struggle to convince multiple institutions that their music is worth being published. 


Here at Effortless we know how tiresome the journey of a young artist can be, that is why we focus on friendly, honest and direct communication with our artists, giving them all creative freedom to use their own sonic and visual language to create projects that they are truly proud of, while offering our support and guidance wherever it is requested. 


Our inspiration springs from the effortless nature of water, always taking the path of least resistance to flow and smoothening even the roughest edges along its way. 


We believe that music has the power to heal the world and are grateful to be able to supply our artists with an ever growing stage to present their soothing LoFi & Jazz beats, Ambient music and Vocal songs to audiences around the world, knowing that together we provide the kind of music that is perfectly suited to ease ones mind in such tumultuous times as ours. 


Balance is key in any modern economic endeavour, so it is part of our credo to find ways of contributing in a positive manner to the cycle of giving and receiving, by supporting and initiating charitable projects that make use of the healing power of music. 


It fills us with joy to see the Effortless family growing year by year, but our journey has only just begun, so if our ideology of fraternity among musicians resonates with you, we encourage you to contact us personally to find out more and become part of the family.

The Crew


Benni · Label Manager · Berlin


Kevin · Label Founder/Promotion · Miami


Scott · Publishing · Los Angeles


Chris · Creative Director · Berlin


Marcos · Web/Media Manager · London

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-30 um 16.09.04.png

Max · Content Director · Berlin


Samuel · A&R · Toulouse


Brandon · A&R · North Carolina

PHOTO-2021-07-30-17-43-42 2.jpg

Sogyal · A&R · Santa Teresa


Kevin Zimmermann:

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